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VIP treatment at reasonable cost at our own accredited surgery center in Beverly Hills

The patient will meet in person with doctor. This is the first contact when a rapport is established between the patient and her doctor. The medical aspects of the procedure desired and the various techniques and possible complications are then discussed. Individual variations are taken into consideration and a unique approach to each patient is of utmost importance in our attempt to create a favorable aesthetic result.

It is our belief that pre and post operative drawings and photographs can be very helpful for the patient to visualize some of the concepts the doctor is trying to illustrate. They are not meant by any means to standardize a result. Questions not answered by this website can then be brought up and discussed. Candid and straight forward recommendations are given. Personal goals and general attitudes are carefully considered to determine the most advantageous course to be followed.

Our staff would then quote the patient our reasonable fees for the procedure they are seeking and offer to assist them with financing if desired.

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My nose has always been a problem, not from the aesthetic side, but about the medical. Deviated septum, and as a consequence, shortness of the breath. No doubt, the nose was not for such a thin girl like me. So, at 29, I made a rhinoplasty in the surgery center Glow by Olga in Beverly Hills. Indeed, I've been through this operation, anesthesia and the effects after them very easy. I am very glad I did not experience any post-operative pain. And if knowing all that, I would go back in the past, standing in front of a choice, I would 100% agree to the operation again. Besides, now it is very easy to breathe and I am proud to have such a nice nose.

Leslie, 29

I always knew I would have a facelift. I started my search and found this site about surgery center in Beverly Hills. It was a discovery that gave me a real focus. The doctor showed me on a computer what skin will be lifted and some options. My boyfriend was given a copy of post-op instructions. I didn't feel any pain at all. I have been in good hands, right from the start, and I am very pleased with the results I am seeing as I heal. No one can tell I've had surgery! I would do it again in a minute!

Marissa, 32

Pec Implants. This is something I saved and wanted for years. I was very skinny so I didn't expect my chest to look perfect like it does now. My implants gave me accuracy, shape, and relief. I don't feel any discomfort. They feel natural and I don't have a big gap between them. No matter what type of procedure you are looking to get here. Only top quality doctors work here. They do everything to make you feel truly cared for every step of the way. This clinic is definitely a good choice. I feel very manfully when I walk on a beach without a T-shirt.

Noah, 27

I wanted lipo for almost two years before finally deciding to go for it. I had lipo for multiple areas about 7 months ago. I'm pretty excited, as my legs seem so much thinner - and also the area around my knees. My shape now is very much improved - especially around the abdominal, hip, flank area. I feel great, and I feel good in my new clothes. I would definitely recommend clinic Glow by Olga to anyone who is seeking for any type of body enhancement.

Claire, 35

Several years ago I had one breast mastectomy. I am a young woman so it was very hard for me. A year ago I had started to look for clinics for breast reconstruction and choose this one. The doctor explained to me the process of reconstruction, along with the various stages. During the many visits that I had along the reconstruction process, the staff in the Glow by Olga surgery center made me feel like I wasn't only a patient but a human being. Many thanks to all employees of the clinic. They did an amazing job. The result is very decent, and my new breast is very soft like a natural.

Jocelyn, 41
— I will make sure you get the best price with the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles!
Olga Rbibo,
Operating Room RN, ACLS, BLS, Botox, Patient consultant
Shcedule The consultation
VIP treatment at reasonable cost at our own accredited surgery center in Beverly Hills

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